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Trump controlled by Mossad I Fitzpatrick Informer 

Trump controlled by Mossad 

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11/18/2016 1:38 PM 

3L5274 10/29/97 NEW YORK CITY 

Trump controlled by Mossad I Fitzpatrick Informer 

Donald Trump and Mossad asset Ghislaine Maxwell out on the town in New York City in 1997. 

By Timothy Fitzpatrick 

October 29, 2016 Anno Domini 

Part I 

Any inquisitive person should be asking themself why a seemingly anti-establishment candidate like 
Donald Trump has been allowed to get as far as he has in the U.S. presidential race for election 
November 8. 

The simplest answer is that he isn’t anti-establishment and is only fronting a very convincing facade 
for public consumption. 

The family-made rich man has been strategically propped up as the all-accommodating GOP 
extremist opponent of candidate Hillary Rodham Clinton, herself part of the very same establishment 
and even personal friend to Trump—at least prior to the race. 

The two candidates come from the same organized criminal syndicate that leads back to Israel, its 
murderous Mossad terrorist organization, and the Lansky international crime syndicate. 

Furthermore, as we shall see, Trump is nothing more than a puppet of Mossad and is likely under 
their control through opportunism and, darker yet, blackmail. What Trump and his cronies all share 
in common is sexual compromise and their loyalty to the international Judeo-masonic power 

Sexual blackmail and Illuminism 

Perhaps the most powerful form of blackmail is that 
which involves sexual matters, and so it is that 
throughout human history, many men of power have 
been brought down upon revelation of some sexual 
scandal. It was through this channel that Adam 
Weishaupt’s illuminism (blackmail) was so successful 
in his time through to today (Weishaupt stole the 
Catholic sacrament of confession and used for his own 
personal gain—so that he could gain knowledge of 
people’s sins in order to use it against them). Since 

Former Mossad case officer Victor Ostrovsky and 
his second tell-all book about Israel’s Mossad. 

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11/18/2016 1:38 PM 

Trump controlled by Mossad I Fitzpatrick Informer 

then, it has proven to be the most useful form of blackmail employed, especially in the political world. 
Every person in a position of power should be suspected of being controlled through this form of 
blackmail, since the Judeo-masonic cryptocracy controls virtually every aspect of organized 
government, the press, and the financial system, to name a few. You may have heard of the bizarre 
sexual initiation of Yale University’s Skull and Bones secret society, where the would-be bonesman 
reveals his sexual secrets to his fellow initiates and initiators. 01 From the very start of their societal 
ascent, you could say, a bonesman is blackmailed and falls under control of the society. 

Former Israeli Mossad case officer Victor Ostrovsky revealed in his first tell-all book about the 

"... there are three major “hooks”for recruiting people: money; emotion, be it revenge or 

ideology; and sex. ”[iH 

This scenario is played out in virtually every sphere of influence at one degree (pun intended) or 
another. As it happens, both presidential candidates are connected to sexual scandals, the likes of 
which we shall explore in Trump’s life. 

Mossad’s child-sex ring procurers Ghislaine Maxwell and Jeffrey Epstein 

Ghislaine Maxwell is the daughter of late 
British parliamentarian and media magnate 
Robert Maxwell, also a Jewish Mossad super 
savan riiil prior to his assassination on 
November 5,1991. Ghislaine Maxwell is not 
only a personal friend of Bill and Hillary 
Clinton but, apparently, also of Donald Trump 
(the two have been spotted together on several 
occasions). Although never charged, it was 
revealed in the British press that Ghislaine 
procured young girls for her Jewish billionaire 
boyfriend Jeffrey Epstein and his friends and 
associates rivl . Maxwell was given immunity in 
the secret plea-bargain, no-prosecution 
agreement and Epstein’s White House-connected Jewish lawyer Jay Lefkowitz managed to arrange it 
so that Epstein served only 13 months house arrest for a reduced conviction of soliciting a minor for 

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11/18/2016 1:38 PM 

Trump controlled by Mossad I Fitzpatrick Informer 

prostitution and soliciting prostitution, despite that authorities had evidence that he abused up to 40 
young girls l~vl. Epstein has made 17 out-of-court settlements. The more one looks into it, the more it 
looks like Maxwell and Epstein were running an international blackmail operation, extending from 
North America to the United Kingdom. What’s more, testimony from the victims revealed that 
Ghislaine might have been responsible for setting up the recording of the sexual abuse of the girls, 
complete with hidden cameras, for blackmail purposes. She is alleged to have even participated in the 
abuse of young girls herself. Tvil 

“Epstein instructed Jane Doe 3 that she was to give the Prince [Andrew] whatever he demanded and 
required Jane Doe 3 to report back to him on the details of the sexual abuse,” according to court 
documents lodged by Epstein sex slave Virginia Roberts late in 2014. 

Roberts claims it was Epstein who paid her $15,000 for subjecting herself to the 41-year-old Prince. 
“Jeffrey always took care of paying me after I ‘entertained’ his friends.” 

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11/18/2016 1:38 PM 

Trump controlled by Mossad I Fitzpatrick Informer 

17-year-old Virignia Roberts in a photo during her forced sexual service of Prince Andrew with 
alleged child-sex procurer and Mossad asset Ghislaine Maxwell looking on in 2001. 

Roberts, now in her 30s, says she first encountered Epstein and Prince Andrew (Duke of York) 
through Maxwell. She met Maxwell at Donald Trump’s Mar-A-Lago country club and residence in 
Florida, where, at only 15 years of age, she worked as a changing room assistant in the club’s spa (her 
father also worked there as a maintenance manager). 

“I was wearing my sexy white Mar-A-Lago uniform—a white miniskirt and skin-tight white 
polo top—and studying an anatomy book when I was approached by this striking women in 
her mid~40s with a very proper British accent—Ghislaine,”Roberts told the Daily Mail. 




Tarpon Island 


Isiand R< 



358 El Brilla Way 

Jeffrey Epstein's 

Pafm Beach 
estate, where 
the abuse of 40 
young gifts took 
place o ver 
several years. 

| | _ * j 


Florida &J* 


0 C 



Wfiith nr hi o 



Via BeNarifi J 



ViftPailma O 
Aigofiia Rd CO 

Kings Rd , 1 

Mar-a-Lago Club » 

Tramp's dab 

where child sex 
stave Virginia 
Roberts met 
Epstein and 

We can only assume that Trump crafted Mar-A-Lago’s dress code! 

Roberts eventually ended up working for Epstein, under the guise of being a masseuse, at Epstein’s 

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11/18/2016 1:38 PM 

Trump controlled by Mossad I Fitzpatrick Informer 

Palm Beach waterfront, which is minutes away from Trump’s Mar-A-Lago club and residence. 

Epstein and Maxwell would groom Roberts and the other underaged sex slaves on techniques of 
pleasing Epstein and his friends, often involving kinky sexy toys and orgies. 

“A lot of powerful men were part of Jeffrey’s scene...,” Roberts says. “Epstein and Maxwell also 
told me that they wanted me to produce things for them in addition to performing sex on the 
men. They told me to pay attention to the details about what the men wanted, so I could report 

In her affidavit, Roberts goes on to nail down the political, illuministic role of Epstein’s child-sex ring. 

“In addition to constantly finding underage girls to satisfy their personal desires, Epstein and 
Maxwell also got girls for Epstein’s friends and acquaintances. Epstein specifically told me 
that the reason for him doing this was so that they would ‘owe him,’ they would ‘be in his 
pocket,’ and he would ‘have something on them.’” 

Why Epstein would want dirt on powerful people, other than for 
his own personal gain, is a mystery. We can only conclude that he 
was gathering dirt on behalf of some other party, likely the 
Mossad and/or for Israel’s desk at the CIA. Investigators into the 
Epstein child-sex scandal turned up a contact book that 
contained the names and contact information for many 
prominent people, some of which included New York lawyer 
Alan Dershowitz, Donald Trump, liquor baron Edgar Bronfman, 
and former U.S. President William Jefferson Clinton rviil . 

Roberts claims she was forced to have sex with Dershowitz six 
times but denies seeing Clinton having sex with anyone, although 
he was present at Epstein’s mansion as well as having flown on 
Epstein’s personal jet. A former employee at the Epstein Palm 
Beach estate claimed in a sworn deposition that Epstein and 
Trump had a much closer relationship than what Trump has 

admitted to. Juan Alessi claimed that Trump had been for dinner at the Epstein estate at least once, 
while Epstein’s brother Mark stated that he flew with both Jeff and Trump on Epstein’s private 
plane rviiil. what some call “Lolita Express”. fEpstein’s flight manifests! 

Dershowitz making some kind of 
Kabbalist-masonic pose. 

“The were friends,” Mark Epstein went on to say about Jeff Epstein and Donald Trump’s 

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11/18/2016 1:38 PM 

Trump controlled by Mossad I Fitzpatrick Informer 

relationship fix! . 

In 2003, The New Yorker reported that Trump attended dinner with Epstein and guests, 
including Bill Clinton aide Doug band, at his East Side New York townhouse. British cabinet minister 
Peter Mandelson was also in attendance, which corroborates the legitimacy of the little black book of 
Epstein’s investigators turned up. Mandelson’s name is in there. 

According to a Jan. 29, 2016 article on Vice News, 

“Epstein and Maxwell were repeat guests at Mar-A-Lago. In 2000, they hung out there with 
Prince Andrew, who arrived for vacation on Trump’s private plane. That same year, the Palm 
Beach Post reported that Trump, Epstein, Prince Andrew, and Maxwell were all at a tennis 
tournament/celebrity event at Mar-A-Lago.” 

Bill Clinton is alleged to have rode Epstein’s plane from 10 to 20 times. fxl 

“He’s a lot of fun to be with,” says Trump of Epstein 

At the very least, Donald Trump must have known that one of his miniskirt-clad child workers was 
‘working’ for his friend Jeffrey Epstein’s at his mansion a mere 10 minutes away from Trump’s 
Mar-A-Lago resort. At worst, Trump was helping the Epstein-Maxwell procurement of young, 
disadvantaged girls for the sexual-blackmail factory the pair were operating and/or Trump was one of 
Epstein’s child-sex clients. 

In 2002, while Epstein was using child-sex slaves at his various homes in New York, Palm Beach, and 
in the Virgin Islands, Trump told New York Magazine that Epstein, his friend of 15 years, was a 
“terrific guy”. 

“He’s a lot of fun to be with,” Trump continued. “It is even said that he likes beautiful women as 
much as I do, and many of them are on the younger side.” 

Did Trump just reveal that he views under-aged girls 
as women? It appears so, as there is little doubt that 
Trump encountered Epstein while with one of the 
dozens of child sex slaves with whom he trophied 
around the world at social gatherings. 

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11/18/2016 1:38 PM 

Trump controlled by Mossad I Fitzpatrick Informer 

Epstein’s defense deposition stated the following as to 
whether Trump was involved in the non-stop Epstein 

Pervert Trump kisses New York mayor Rudy 
Giuliani at the mayor’s Inner Circle Press Roast in 
2000 ( video here) . 

Q. “Have you ever socialized with Donald Trump in the presence of females under the age of 

A: “Though I’d like to answer that question, at least today I’m going to have to assert my Fifth, 
Sixth, and 14th Amendment rights, sir.” 

This only questioned being in the presence of young girls but Epstein still wouldn’t touch it. Clearly, 
there is something amiss here. 

New rape allegations against Trump corroborate Pussygate, Roberts’ claims 

Trump supporters have all too easily dismissed a series of child rape charges against Trump, saying 
it’s all political and likely orchestrated by the Democratic Party, specifically Hillary Clinton. But that 
is unlikely considering Bill Clinton’s own ties to Epstein. Why would Hillary want to open that can of 
worms? Regardless, when one looks at the court filings, the details of the allegations line up with the 
claims made in Virginia Roberts’ affidavit. They also corroborate what is already admitted by Trump 
(his long-term friendship with Epstein) and a recently leaked audiotape rxil of Trump boasting of his 
fame-procured sexual license with females and coveting another man’s wife. 

“You know I moved on her actually”, Trump told Access Hollywood’s Billy Bush. “You know 
she was down on Palm Beach. I moved on her and I failed. I’ll admit it. I did try and fuck her. 
She was married. 

You know I’m automatically attracted to beautiful—I just start kissing them. It’s like a magnet. 
Just kiss. I don’t even wait. And when you’re a star, they let you do it. You can do anything... 
Grab them by the pussy. You can do anything.” 

This is exactly the kind of predatory 
behaviour and arrogance described by a 
13-year-old who alleges she was raped by 
Trump. Disgustingly, Trump supporters 
were quick to dismiss this show of 
arrogance as simply locker room banter. 

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11/18/2016 1:38 PM 

Trump controlled by Mossad I Fitzpatrick Informer 

Coming from a man of power and wealth 
like Trump, this was no locker-room 
banter. This was Trump being honest. And 
it’s a little hypocritical of Trump 
supporters to downplay Trump’s 
disgusting behaviour when they are quick 
to point out Bill Clinton’s objectification of 
women and series of rape allegations. 

Disgusting scene here where young Ivanka, only about 15 years 
old, sits (or lap dances) on her father Donald’s lap at the 
Mar-A-Lago club in 1996. Shortly after this time, a young 
Virginia Roberts would be recruited from the club by Ghislaine 
Maxwell and convicted sex offender Jeffrey Epstein to become 

a sex slave. 

On April 26, a “Katie Johnson” filed a rape 

complaint in a California Court against defendants Donald Trump and Jeffrey Epstein rxiil . The 
complaint was dismissed by a judge due to a lack of plaintiff address, not due to any frivolity of the 
complaint. Trump supporters were quick to dismiss the charge, however, the lack of address on 
behalf of the plaintiff could have been due to fear for her life. 

“On the fourth and final sexual encounter with the Defendant , Donald J. Trump, the Plaintiff, 
Katie Johnson, was tied to a bed by Defendant Trump who then proceeded to forcibly rape 
Plaintiff Johnson. During the course of this savage sexual attack, Plaintiff Johnson loudly 
pleaded with Defendant Trump to ‘please wear a condom’. Defendant Trump responded by 
violently striking Plaintiff Johnson in the face with his open hand and screaming that “he 
would do whatever he wanted’ as he refused to wear protection. After achieving sexual 
orgasm, the Defendant, Donald J. Trump put his suit back on and when the Plaintiff, Katie 
Johnson, in tears asked Defendant Trump what would happen if he had impregnated her, 
Defendant Trump grabbed his wallet and threw some money at her and screamed that she 
should use the money “to get a fucking abortion’.” 

Incidentally, Trump has flip-flopped on his abortion stance. Of course, how could Trump ever ban 
abortion? What would 13-year-old rape victims do then? 

New Jersey lawyer Thomas Francis Meagher revised Johnson’s case and filed it in U.S. District Court 
for the Southern District of New York. 

“Plaintiff was subject to acts of rape, sexual misconduct, criminal sexual acts, sexual abuse, 
forcible touching, assault, battery, intentional and reckless infliction of emotional distress, 
duress, false imprisonment, and threads of death and/or serious bodily injury by the 
Defendants that tool place at several parties during the summer months of 1994. The parties 

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11/18/2016 1:38 PM 

Trump controlled by Mossad I Fitzpatrick Informer 

were held by Defendant Epstein at a New York City residence that was being used by 
Defendant Epstein at 9 E. 71st St. in Manhattan [known as the Wexler Mansion]. During this 
period, Plaintiff was a minor of age i3.. Txiiil 

An alleged witness, Tiffany Doe, to the above rape has come forward. She claims she was paid by 
Epstein to lure underage girls to Epstein-and-friends parties with the bait of promised modeling 

“It was at these series of parties that I personally witnesses the Paintiff being forced to perform 
various sexual acts with Donald J. Trump and Mr. Epstein. Both Mr. Trump and Mr. Epstein 
were advised that she was 13 years old.’ Txivl 

Tiffany Doe goes on in her affidavit to identify a 
12-year-old victim of Trump and Epstein as well as 
to witness Epstein making death threats to the girls 
should they reveal the abuse. A second witness to 
the original Jane Doe (previous pseudonym Katie 
Johnson) corroborates the story of both Johnson 
and her hirer, fxvl The case remains open. 

Yet another corroborating detail of Trump’s alleged 
sexual history includes his own wife—at the time, 

Ivana—accusing him of raping her in 1989. Perhaps 
convenient for Trump, Ivana somewhat recanted 
this accusation in July, 2015, just in time for the 
presidential race lxvil . 

Publicly, Trump has made some disturbing, 
incestuous comments about his own daughters, at 
one time discussing the potential breast size of his 
then infant daughter Tiffany rxviil and also 
claiming that he would be dating daughter Ivanka 
had he not been her father rxviiil . Normally when you hear someone talking about legs and breasts, 
it’s not a parent talking about their infant daughter. Trump thinks this way because that is what must 
always be on his mind, regardless of age and regardless of kin. Almost every time he publicly talks of 
Ivanka he can’t help but compliment her body. One cannot rule out the possibility that Ivanka is the 

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11/18/2016 1:38 PM 

Trump controlled by Mossad I Fitzpatrick Informer 

victim of sexual abuse and mind control, although there is nothing directly suggesting this (the CIA’s 
MKUltra program is alleged to have prostituted to children, sometimes with the help of the children’s 
own parents, to politicians and persons of power). Trump’s posed photo with then 15-year-old Ivanka 
where she is wearing a short skirt and slinky top without a bra whilst perched atop copulating birds 
doesn’t help Trumps avoidance of incest suspicion or MKUltra abuse. Interestingly, Ivanka’s slinky 
top is covered with butterflies, symbolic of beta kitten programming. Ivanka’s personal contact 
information was found in Epstein’s black book. 

A video recently surfaced showing Donald Trump telling a pre-teen 
girl that he will be dating her in ten years—just one more piece of 
evidence that Trump is a sexual predator£xbQ. In 2003, Trump 
went on the Howard Stem show and talked about how hot then 
12-year-old Paris was. 

“I’ve known Paris Hilton from the time she’s 12, her parents 
are friends of mine, and the first time I saw her she walked 
into the room and I said, ‘Who the hell is that?’ Well, at 12 ,1 
wasn’t interested,” Trump said. “I’ve never been into that... but 
she was beautiful.” 

Trump told Stern in that same interview that he had watched 
Hilton’s sex tape. Big surprise there. What we basically have here is 
the American version of Jimmy Savile in Donald Trump! 

MK Ultra, Beta Kitten 
programming going on here? 

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11/18/2016 1:38 PM 

Trump controlled by Mossad I Fitzpatrick Informer 

Maxwell at the Chelsea Clinton wedding in 2010. Clinton supposedly cut ties to Epstein following his 
conviction. Clinton is alleged to have ridden Epstein’s private jet at least 10 times. 

There are other rape and grope allegations against Trump, some by prominent people. Due to 
space, I don’t wish to get into all of them here. 

In early 2015, a photo emerged showing Ghislaine Maxwell at the wedding of Chelsea Clinton to 
Jewish investment banker Marc Mezvinsky in July 2010. 

Trump and Mossad arms dealer Adnan Khashoggi 

On November 10,1988, in the midst of the fallout from 
the Iran-Contra scandal, of which Khashoggi is believed 
to have been involved, D onald Trump appeared on 
the David Letterman show and revealed that he had 

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11/18/2016 1:38 PM 

Trump controlled by Mossad I Fitzpatrick Informer 

purchased a “$200-million” yacht (the Nabila) from 
Saudi billionaire and arms dealer Adnan Khashoggi, who 
was recruited by Israel’s Mossad for various arms deals 
and false-flag operations fxxl . Nabila is the daughter of 
Khashoggi and his then wife Soraya (Sandra Patricia 
Jarvis-Daly), whom he married when she was 17. 

Khashoggi is implicated in so many international 
conspiracies that it would be futile to begin discussing 
them here. Being tied to so many conspiracies, it’s not 
surprising to learn that he is tied to the Meyer Lanksy 
organized crime syndicate, which played a leading role 
in the murder of President John F. Kennedy. 

Outrageously, Khashoggi has romanced JFK’s widow 
Jackie and contributed to Richard Nixon’s 1968 presidential campaign (Trump hatchetman Roger 
Stone, about whom we shall learn more about in Part II, was a Nixon ‘dirty trickster’! . Khashoggi 
is tied to the Warren Commission, which was appointed to coverup the conspiracy to murder JFK, 
through Joseph A. Ball, who represented Khashoggi in his 1980 divorce from Soraya. Khashoggi’s 
penchant for women and high rollers is not unlike Donald Trump’s. Khashoggi went on to marry 
another 17-year-old, Laura Biancolini, who converted to Islam, changed her name to “Lamia” and 
gave birth to Kahosggi’s fifth son, Ali, in Palm Beach, Florida, home of Trump’s Mar-A-Lago club. 
Hopsicker says he has information from a Palm Beach source that Trump gave Khashoggi shelter 
from INTERPOL at Mar-A-Lago when Khashoggi was under indictment for defrauding Thailand’s 
second largest bank. What’s more, Khashoggi attended Trump’s wedding to Marla Maples at The 
Plaza Hotel in New York City, December 20,1993. 

Interestingly, Khashoggi may be in cahoots with self-appointed conspiracy king Alex Jones, who just 
happens to be the biggest media cheerleader for Donald Trump at the moment, despite Jones 
previously suggesting, through Paul Joseph Watson, that Trump was a “ringer for Hillary”. As I 
documented in my article exposing Jones’ deep Israeli connections, Khashoggi appears to be tied to 
the 9/11 truth movement through John GrayfxxiJ. He is also tied to the Bin Laden family. (See more 
Khashoggi-9/11 connections in my article “ The Growing Complexity of Alex Jones’ Israeli 
connections ”.) As we shall see in Part II of this series, the Trump-Khashoggi-Nixon-Jones-Lansky 
ties will come full circle, with a couple of more characters stepping onto the stage. 

The death of Princess Diana was believed by many to be an 

Khashoggi with wife Lamia at Donald Trump’s 
wedding to Marla Maples at the Plaza Hotel in 
New York in 1993. 

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11/18/2016 1:38 PM 

Trump controlled by Mossad I Fitzpatrick Informer 

Mi6-Mossad assassination. Some theories suggest that the 
establishment didn’t want the Princess of Wales to be 
carrying the child of a Muslim, one Dodi Fayed, who 
became romantically involved with her in July, 1997, only a 
month before her death on August 31. Fayed is the nephew 
of Adnan Khashoggi. He died alongside the Princess that 
night in the Pont de A’lma underpass in Paris, a city rife 
with Mossad activity. It is certain that the marrying of Diana 
to a Muslim would not have fit the Mossad’s geo-political 
goals for the UK and the royal family at that time. And 
Mossad, without a doubt, was at least spying on the couple 
during their affair, if not masterminding the hit itself. 

Fayed and Princess Diana. 

Donald Trump (left) among some friends, including Ramy El-Batwari (right, in back) at a Hawaiian 

Tropic bikini competition. Date unknown. 

Khashoggi and “lieutenant” Ramy El-Batwari 

Investigative journalist Daniel Hopsicker describes Saudi Ramy El-Batrawi as Adnan Khashoggi’s 
“lieutenant” Ixxiil. The two were involved in, among many other schemes, a stock manipulation 

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11/18/2016 1:38 PM 

Trump controlled by Mossad I Fitzpatrick Informer 

scandal involving their company Genesis Intermedia, which, incidentally, may be tied to Alex Jones’s 
Genesis Communications Network, which broadcasts his Infowars show. 

“...Ramy El-Batrawi supplied one of SkyWay’s twin DC-g’s,” explains Hopsicker. “Once I’d 
obtained the FAA registration records for the two became obvious that both planes 
had been sheep-dipped through a number of owners of convenience to hide the identity of their 
true owners, the CIA.” 

Hopsicker goes on to detail the Khashoggi-El-Batrawi pyramid of CIA (and Mossad) front companies, 
with ties to Iran-Contra and 9/11. He also points out that Jewish American businessman, lawyer, and 
Los Angeles Clippers owner Donald T. Sterling set up a bogus event, supposedly through his Donald 
T. Sterling Homeless and Medical Center, to honour Ramy El-Batrawi as humanitarian of the year for 
his support of the homeless in Los Angeles. fxxiii] 

“There was no “Donald T. Sterling Homeless and Medical Center”, back then, just for starters,” 
writes Hopsicker. “Nor is there one today. No institution. No employees. No Board of Directors 
to mull over who (sic) to choose for next year’s award.” 

H a my El-Batrawi ramyaibalrs*’i ■ 19 Jun20l4 

I was honored as fimnanilarian of ihe year , great people showed up @DrJotirGray H #lvankaTrjms H Sterling, Lee loacoca 

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11/18/2016 1:38 PM 

Trump controlled by Mossad I Fitzpatrick Informer 

On June 19, 2014, a tweet was sent out from what is believed to be El-Batwari’s Twitter account with 
a photo from the bogus event. In the photograph are, among others, Batrawi, supposed 9/11 truther 
John Gray, and Ivanka Trump! Ivanka must have been there on her father’s behalf. Then, on 
February 15, 2016, El-Batrwai tweeted another photo, presumably from the same event, of he and 
Ivanka. Nate Rothschild, slated to become the fifth baron of the infamous Jewish dynasty, has 
reportedly had flings with both Ivanka Trump and Adnan Khashoggi’s step-daughter Petrina. 
Ivanka has since married Jewish American businessman Jared Kushner and converted to Judaism 
herself. In fact, almost all of Donald Trump’s children are married to Jews. 


111 A Brief History Of The Skull & Bones Society - http: //content .time. com/time / nation 
/article/o.8. e ;QQ,i88ir72,oo.html 

rill Ostrovsky, Victor, By Way of Deception, St. Martin’s Press, New York, 1990, pg. 91 

fiiil Ostrovsky, Victor, The Other Side of Deception, Harper Collins, New York, 1994, pg. 203-204, 
209-210, 217 

OyI Maxwell’s daughter the ‘high-class madame’: Court papers say she ‘facilitated Prince Andrew’s 
acts of sexual abuse’, The Daily Mail, January 3, 2015, Online Edition - e ;o87/Maxwell-s-daughter-high-class- 


IyI Prosecutors suspected billionaire Jeffrey Epstein abused up to 40 underage girls but they failed 
to charge him and instead offered him a secret plea bargain, court documents reveal, The Daily Mail, 
July 8, 2015, Online Edition -3153 232 
/Prosecutors-suspected-billionaire-Jeffrev-Epstein-abused- 34 -underage-girls-failed- 


rvil Affidavit of Virginia Roberts - 
An drew-Affidavit 

rviil Epstein’s little black book - 

rviiil Mark Epstein deposition - 
deposition-excerpts.html#document/p 73 /a 263754 

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11/18/2016 1:38 PM 

Trump controlled by Mossad I Fitzpatrick Informer 

rixl ibid 
fxl ibid 

fxil Pussygate audio - https: //www 

rxiil Katie Johnson court filing, April 26, 2016 - 

Mill Jane Doe affidavit - e ;7i68/Jaiie- 

fxivl Tiffany doe affidavit - 

rxvi Woman accusing Trump of rape just refiled her case with a new witness — and a Casey Anthony 
lawyer - http://ww\^o^ 7 /default/i 

Ixvil Donald Trump’s Ex-Wife Ivana Disavows Old ‘Rape’ Allegation - 

rxviil Trump’s Remarks About Daughter’s Legs and Breasts in 1994 - 

rxviiil Donald Trump Nearly Casually Remarks About Incest with daughter Ivanka - 7 yf 8 -Lk 8 o 

fxixl Trump makes questionable comments about young girls in 1992 video - 

Ixxl Ostrovsky, Victor, By Way of Deception, St. Martin’s Press, New York, 1990, pg. 258 

fxxil Fitzpatrick, Timothy, The growing complexity of Alex Jones’ Israeli Connections, May 31, 2013 



rxxiil Hopsicker, Daniel, The CIA Double-Dip: Drugs, Fraud, & the JFK Assassination, August 19, 
2014 - 


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11/18/2016 1:38 PM 

Trump controlled by Mossad I Fitzpatrick Informer 

rxxiiil Hopsicker, Daniel, Donald Sterling’s Secret History, May 22, 2014 - 5/ 22/donald-stirlings-secret-history/ 

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Trump controlled by the Mossad - 
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Posted by Timothy Fitzpatrick on October 29,2016 

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11/18/2016 1:38 PM 

Trump controlled by Mossad I Fitzpatrick Informer 

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11/18/2016 1:38 PM 

Trump controlled by the Mossad - Part III Fitzpatrick Informer 

Trump controlled by the Mossad — Part II 

By Timothy Fitzpatrick 

November 8, 2016 

The two stooges for Israel. 

Trump’s 9/11 lie about dancing Muslims helps Mossad coverup 

Late last year, Donald Trump re-affirmed the official 9/11 story, carefully designed by former Israeli 
Prime Minister Ehud Barakfil and Israel’s Mossad, perpetuated by the Jewish-dominated American 
media. He lied about a very important event in the 9/11 story, what has come to be known as the 
“Dancing Israelis”. 

“Hey, I watched when the World Trade Center came tumbling down,” Trump told rally goers 
in Birmingham, Alabama Nov. 21,2015. “And I watched in Jersey City, N.J., where thousands 
and thousands of people were cheering as that building was coming down. Thousands of 
people were cheering . ”[02 

1 of 18 

11/18/2016 1:39 PM 

Trump controlled by the Mossad - Part III Fitzpatrick Informer 

By the context of his speech, he implied that it was thousands of Muslims cheering in the streets of 
Jersey. Then, a day later, Trump confirmed in an interview with ABC’s George Stephanopoulos that 
he, indeed, was talking about Muslims. 

“There were people that were cheering on the other side of New Jersey, where you have large 
Arab populations. They were cheering as the World Trade Center came down. I know it might 
be not politically correct for you to talk about it, but there were people cheering as that 
building came down — as those buildings came down. And that tells you something. It was 
well covered at the time, George. Now, I know they don’t like to talk about it, but it was well 
covered at the time. There were people over in New Jersey that were watching it, a heavy Arab 
population, that were cheering as the buildings came down. Not good. ’ ’[ini 

Even the Jewish-controlled New York Times couldn’t accept the preposterous claims by Trump. 

“How alarmed were New Jersey officials by reports of Muslims dancing in the streets of Jersey 
City and Paterson on Sept. 11,2001, to celebrate the destruction of the World Trade Center? 

They feared riots would break out and were ready to send in the National Guard and the State 
Police to preserve order. 

2 of 18 

11/18/2016 1:39 PM 

Trump controlled by the Mossad - Part III Fitzpatrick Informer 

But John J. Farmer Jr., then the New Jersey attorney general and the state’s chief law 
enforcement officer, said on Tuesday that he ordered an investigation that very day and found 
the reports to be bogus, more wild stories born in the stricken hours after the attacks. ’ Tivl 

However, the New York Times and the rest of the 
mainstream media joined Trump in covering up the 
9/11 conspiracy overall, because they omitted the real 
dancing celebrants, who were actually a small group 
of Israelis, likely working as Mossad operatives, 
possibly having been involved in the conspiracy itself. 

This despite that the New York Times, embarrassingly, 
was among the first to break the true story of dancing 
Israelis celebrating on 9/11. Did they cite their old 
story from 9/11 in the midst of Trump’s controversial 
lie about 9/11? No. They would rather pretend that the 
story didn’t exist. 

“The New York Times reported Thursday that a 
group of five men had set up video cameras 
aimed at the Twin Towers prior to the attack on 
Tuesday, and were seen congratulating one 
another afterwards. ”[v 7 

On Sept. 20, 2001, nine days after the attack on the World Trade Center, it came out in the American 
Free Press that these celebrants were Israelis and that New York police arrested themfvil shortly 
after witnesses reported their strange behaviour. Tvijl 

“At least three different groups of Israelis—some of whom may have ties to Israel’s intelligence 
agency, the Mossad—were taken into custody after eyewitnesses reported seeing them 
celebrating in several locations across the river from lower Manhattan in New Jersey. In two 
cases, the men were reportedly videotaping the initial kamikaze attack on the World Trade 
Center in New York. All of the detained Israelis are connected to Israeli-owned moving 
companies operating out of New York and New Jersey. 

Ivanka Trump and husband Jared Kushner share 
a laugh with 9/11 conspirator and former Israeli 
Prime Minister Ehud Barak in September. Barak 
has flown on predator Jeffrey Epstein’s private 

3 of 18 

11/18/2016 1:39 PM 

Trump controlled by the Mossad - Part III Fitzpatrick Informer 

One group was reported to have been in Liberty State Park in Jersey City, another was seen in 
Liberty Park in Union City, and a third was apprehended on the roof of an Israeli-owned 
moving company.” 

The New York Jewish Forward newspaper 
corroborated the AFP story, saying at least 
two of the arrested celebrants were Israeli 
and were there to document the event. The 
five Israelis eventually admitted on Israeli TV 
that it was they who were at the centre of this 
controversy and discussed their arrest and 
interrogation by the FBI, which lasted 
months. bdiil The Drug Enforcement 
Administration called their behaviour on 9/11 
as suspicious and said it “may well be an 
organized intelligence-gathering activity. ’ Tixl 
(See link to declassified FBI files on dancing 
Israelis in notes belowjjd) 

Our purpose was to document the event. 

One of the dancing Israelis on Israeli television defending 
the group’s suspicious behaviour on 9/11. 

“The van belonged to a Mossad front company called Urban Moving Systems. Around 4 p.m. 
on Sept. 11, the van was pulled over, and five Israelis: Sivan and Paul Kurzberg, Yaron 
Shmuel, Oded Ellner and Omer Marmari, all between 22 and 27 years old, were arrested at 
gunpoint. One had $4,700 in cash hidden in his sock while another carried two foreign 
passports. Box cutters were found in the van. ”[xil 

The AFP interviewed one of the police officers involved in the arrest of the dancing Israelis, rxiil 

Trump was given every opportunity by a media that was hanging on his every word to correct his lie 
to the public. He didn’t, and the media wasn’t buying it, except for Infofwars’ Alex Jones, who despite 
initially reporting on the dancing Israelis story, too, went wrong along with Trump’s lie. Jones and 
Infowars have consistently avoided the many Israeli connections to 9/11 since day one. He’s even 
gone out of his way to say “Israel could not carry out these attacks.’ Txiiil And when, during a Trump 
rally, writer Martin Hill confronted the would-be president on his 9/11 lie, Trump remained 
silent, rxivl 

Trump and “Lucky” Larry Silverstein—beneficiary of 9/11 attacks 

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11/18/2016 1:39 PM 

Trump controlled by the Mossad - Part III Fitzpatrick Informer 

From the very beginning of Donald Trump’s campaign for 
U.S. president in June 2015, Jewish Zionist Michael Glassner 
has worked as the campaign’s national political director, rxvl 
Glassner formerly served on the American Israel Public 
Affairs Commmittee (AIPAC), one of Israel’s biggest Zionist 
lobbies in Washington. If that weren’t enough, Glassner was 
the one responsible for privatizing the World Trade Center 
lease rxvil. shortly before 9/11, for the benefit of Larry 
Silverstein’, who profited in the billions from the demolition 
of the towers. Trump told MSNBC what he thought of 
Silverstein, his fellow New York real estate tycoon. 

“Larry Silverstein—he’s a great guy, he’s a good guy, he’s a friend ofmine. ”[xviil 

It’s no wonder Trump has been pushing the official, Israeli-created story on 9/11. Glassner is but one 
of dozens and dozens of Jews working for Trump’s campaign. rxviiil Trump has boasted of his 
support for Israel on numerous occasions and has even hinted at completing Israel’s Oded Yinon 
plan, which would include invading Iran as well as making Jerusalem Israel’s undivided 
other words, finally disposing of those pesky Palestinians . [ xixl Trump crony Rudolph Giuliani, 
whom is believed to have contributed to the 9/11 conspiracy coverup by promptly destroying and 
removing the crime scene at the World Trade Centre, is a candidate for Trump’s cabinet as president. 

Donald Trump and Roy Cohn. 

Roy Cohn—Trump’s gay, Jewish handler, mob lawyer, and JFK conspirator? 

5 of 18 

11/18/2016 1:39 PM 

Trump controlled by the Mossad - Part III Fitzpatrick Informer 

If the close friendship of a self-purported anti-establishment Republican like Donald Trump with a 
gay, Jewish, AIDS-infested, mobster lawyer named Roy Marcus Cohn seems odd, it’s because it is. The 
late Cohn was not only part of the false-opposition McCarthyite anti-Communist movement of the 
1950s, at times working both sides of the political spectrum, but also a Meyer Lansky organized crime 
syndicate operative who went so far as to serve on the infamous Permindex board fxxl . which is 
believed to have been Mossad’s key operating front in the conspiracy to assassinate John F. Kennedy. 
Also, Cohn’s Lionel Corporation held shares in Permindex. Cohn became close friends with Trump 
and also his legal counsel, starting in the iQ7Qs. rxxil As with almost all of Trump’s suspicious 
associates, Cohn was sexually compromised and apparently enjoyed sexually compromising others. 
fxxiil Like Jeffrey Epstein and his child procurer Ghislaine Maxwell, Cohn is believed to have used 
child prostitutes to blackmail politicians, himself not only a homosexual but also believed to have 
been involved in the Franklin scandal—a child-sex ring that reached the Reagan White House. rxxiiil 
Cohn aided Roger Stone in Ronald Reagan’s 1970-80 presidential campaign. A June 28,1989 
Washington Times expose implicated Republican lobbyist Craig J. Spence in a call-boys and crack 
scandal that appears to be one small piece of the Franklin scandal. \ xxivl T he inner workings of the 
scandal shares striking similarities with Virginia Roberts’ description of Epstein’s blackmail 
techniques. Cohn is mentioned in the report as an associate of Spence as well as lawyer and activist 
Phyllis Schlafly, who was also a regular guest on the Alex Jones show prior to her death earlier this 
year. Some say that Schlafly and pseudo conservatives like Jones are part of a right-wing conspiracy 
centered on the Council for National Policy (CNP). 


The Cohn machine and the Kennedy coverup 

— Thomas E. Dewey 
-Eugene Morris 

Warren Commission 

Roger Stone - Trump cheerleader, Cohn associate, and Infowarrior 

Lending credence to theory of Cohn as a child-sex 
blackmailer is self-described “libertine” Roger 
Stone fxxvl , a Cohn associate, former advisor to 
Donald Trump, and regular guest on Alex Jones’ 

Infowars broadcast of late. 








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11/18/2016 1:39 PM 

Trump controlled by the Mossad - Part III Fitzpatrick Informer 

“Roy was not gay. He was a man who liked 
having sex with men. Gays were weak, 
effeminate. He always seemed to have these 
young blond boys around. It just wasn’t 
discussed. He was interested in power and 
access. I XXV i I 

Power and access...sounds like the life ambitions of 
Donald Trump, doesn’t it? Now we can see why 
Trump found such a mentor in Cohn. 

Roger Stone, top st r ateg st for Carl Paladino, gets a tace- 
licking ... 

. and d ants a smooch on Kat ForTra at June's march. 

Roger Stone at a gay “pride” parade in New York City 
in 2010. 

It seems that Stone, a man who has been spotted 
marching in gay pride parades |xxvii| . was close 
enough to the homosexual and possible pederast 
Cohn that he helped cover up Mossad’s (and 
possibly Cohn’s) leading role and coverup of the 
JFK assassination when he published a book 
blaming LBJ for the entire thing.fxxviiil Stone’s 

book also implicates Richard Nixon, a man for whom Stone has campaigned and supported for years 
(Stone even has a life-sized tattoo of Nixon on his backside). Why Stone would implicate one of his 
heroes is odd, unless he was carrying out a coverup/limited hangout operation on behalf of someone 
else, perhaps the Mossad. Of course, Stone waited until Nixon was dead before he would dare make 
such an accusation. Investigative journalist and author Michael Collins Piper, who is the world’s 
premier theorist that Israel and Mossad assassinated JFK with help from the Lansky crime syndicate, 
the CIA, the mob, and others (thoroughly documented in his book, Final Judgemen t f xxix /) . believed 
that Nixon was not involved in any way in the JFK assassination. Incidentally, Stone’s partner in 
disinformation Alex Jones has publicly denied Israel’s involvement in the JFK assassination 
conspiracy. \ xxx] 

Trump continues 
the work of 
Permindex by 
covering up truth 
about JFK 

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11/18/2016 1:39 PM 

Trump controlled by the Mossad - Part III Fitzpatrick Informer 


Trump, himself, has 
also aided in the 
coverup of the JFK 
assassination by 
claiming that GOP 
nominee opponent 
Ted Cruz’s father 

was with JFK’s 

alleged assassin Lee Harvey Oswald shortly before the president’s murder took place. Whether or 
not Rafael Cruz was with Oswald handing out pro-Fidel Castro pamphlets in New Orleans in 1963, as 
Trump and a National Enquirer story claim, is irrelevant, because Oswald obviously was not the 
assassin but was exactly what he said he was—a patsy. Trump, whose mentor Roy Cohn sat on the 
board of Permindex and is tied to CIA men like the Dulles brothers, one of whom sat on the sham 
commission set up to pretend to investigate the JFK assassination conspiracy, is endorsing the 
long-debunked official story put out by that very same Warren Commission. The Warren Commission 
was set up by Israel’s Mossad and its allies in the CIA to hide their central role in the murder of 
Kennedy. Even today, Trump aids and abets the Jewish terrorist organization Mossad. He is beholden 
to them and must not step out of line. 

The kinky Stone-Infowars-Drudge echo chamber 

RogerStone has been an almost-daily guest on the Infowars show over the last several months, 
always, to promote Trump. The endless echo chamber the two have created has been expanded by the 
likes of other Jewish-controlled alternative media operations like Breitbart and the Drudge Report, 
which is run by yet another gay Jew Matt Drudge. 

Alex Jones is also apparently sexually compromised. In the leaked divorce with his then Jewish wife 
Kelly (Violet) Txxxil. which I reported on last year, court documents appeared to reveal that Jones 
was counseled by a team of marriage counselors, with a large number of them specializing in sexual 
addictions. Jones’ ties to Hollywood slime like Charlie Sheen doesn’t help his public image as an 
innocent all-American boy. Jones is a divorcee who is known to flirt with women on air, including his 
own hosts and guests, and apparently hooks his trashy friends up with hookers, like in the case of 
Amanda Bruce. rxxxiil Again, Trump’s ring of supporters reek of sexual compromise—an apparent 
top-down effect. Unfortunately for Jones, he does not have the excuse of shilling for Israel due to 

Tlie JFK assassination plot (and [lie plots against DeGaullei were cndiesbated and funded 
through an niteinatioinJ corporate body known as Permindex a sliell corporation winch fi.uic- 
ticnied as an asset of Isiael s intelligeiice agency, tlie Mossad SIkaui abose is tlie founding 
meeting of Pemandex Hie driving force belmkl Pemundex was tlie Geneva-based Banque 
De Credit Intemaocnai (BCD. founded by Rabin Tibor Roseitbaian (inset, right), a financier 
and arms procunemeni officer for tlie Mossad. Rosenbaum s bank also saved as tlie chief 
money laundy for tlie crime syndicate of inrematroma] mob boss, Meyer Lansky (inset, left) 
wiiose ciimnial entpne (of winch tlie so-called Mafia' was a part) came tttkiei file when tlie 
Kennedy administration launched a major crackdown on organized crime 

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11/18/2016 1:39 PM 

Trump controlled by the Mossad - Part III Fitzpatrick Informer 

blackmail, at least that we know of. He has been the Zionists’ biggest alternative media cheerleader 
since 1996, long before Jones was divorced and potentially blackmailed. There have been rumours of 
homosexual affairs involving Jones but nothing that can be substantiated. Trump appears to take his 
talking-point cues from Alex Jones, as Trump often will publicly say things verbatim that was stated 
by Alex Jones on his radio show. There is no question that Jones has acted as Trump’s unofficial 
public relations manager. 

The Lansky organized crime syndicate 

Trump’s ties to the Lansky organized crime syndicate, 
run by Jewish Zionist mob boss of bosses Meyer 
Lansky, do not end at Roy Cohn and his membership 
on the board of Permindex or Adnan Khashoggi. In 
1987, Trump took over Lansky’s Mossad/CIA money¬ 
laundering front, the Mary Carter Paint Company, 
then renamed Resorts International, from CIA 
frontman James Crosby. Michael Collins Piper writes, 

“In 1958-59 Dewey and a number of associates 
used a reported $2 million in CIA funds to buy a 
controlling interest in the Crosby-Miller 
Corporation (headed by Dewey friend James 
Crosby), which was then merged with Mary 
Carter. ’ ’[xxxiii] 

Note that Dewey is tied to the coverup of the JFK assassination conspiracy through the Lansky 

Piper continues, 

“In 1963, Mary Carter Paint spun off its paint division and during the next several years began 
developing its casino operations, particularly in the Bahamas. In 1967-68, Mary Carter Paint 
officially changed its name to Resorts International and began massive international 
expansion. The Spotlight determined that several principal investors provided the funds and 
assets for the venture.” 

The boss of bosses, Meyer Lansky. 


Tk- n«. 

9 of 18 

11/18/2016 1:39 PM 

Trump controlled by the Mossad - Part III Fitzpatrick Informer 

i nc nuy \#urin inauimic 

Meyer Lansky-Tucky* 1 Luciano 


LM. Bloomfield 

J. Edgar Hoover 

Lewis Ro&anstiel 

Paul Lockwood 

Cathy Rosenstier ’ 

Roy M. Cohn 



Thomas E. Deway 
and Meyer Lansky 

{ Mary Carter Paints 
Resorts International 

" J.Edgar Hoover 
■ Tho mas Dewey - 

- David Peck 

Jerry Finkelstein 

Eugene Morris 
Law Journal 

■ Roy M. Cohn 

Democratic Party 

Dick Morris 

- James Finks Islein - 

■ Roy M. Cohn 

'Cattiy FtownstiBi wag (he granddaughter of Lansky crime partner Lewis Rosenstiei. She married James Finfceiaein, son oi Jeny, who succeeded him as po¬ 
lisher of tfie Cohn-Woni& Law Journal. Lewis Rosenstiei and deny, James and Cathy Fjnkeistein were clients ol Roy M. Com, 

The Roy Cohn Machine. 

Piper lists those principal investors as: 

■ Meyer Lansky, the acknowledged “chairman of the board” and chief financier of the underworld 
gambling syndicate, who maintained his own longstanding ties to not only Israel and the 
Mossad, but also the CIA and the American intelligence community; 

■ David Rockefeller, head of the Rockefeller financial empire, who provided his family’s clout and 
CIA and global banking connections to assist in the operation; 

■ The Investors Overseas Service (IOS), then the world’s largest flight-capital conglomerate, 
controlling assets worth $2.5 billion. 

■ Tibor Rosenbaum, who was not only the Mossad’s Swiss-based chief financier behind covert 
arms deals but also the head of the Banque De Credit Internationale of Geneva, the Lansky 
syndicate’s chief European money laundry; and 

■ Baron Edmond de Rothschild of the European banking family and a personal business partner 
of Rosenbaum in Rosenbaum’s Mossad-related ventures ranging far and wide; and lastly, 

■ William Mellon Hitchcock, one of the heirs to the Mellon family fortune (one of America’s 
largest private family fortunes, which, for many years, has also maintained close ties with the 

Trump eventually dumped his Resorts International 

10 of 18 

11/18/2016 1:39 PM 

Trump controlled by the Mossad - Part III Fitzpatrick Informer 

investments during his bankruptcy, and the company 
ceased operations in 2014. It’s difficult to believe that 
the money laundering and skimming of casino profits 
suddenly stopped when Trump took over the 
intelligence front. What Lansky’s career in crime 
showed was that casinos were good for stealing from 
the poor, getting rich, and laundering money for 
groups interested in carrying out covert and illegal 

One of Lansky’s partners, the late Jewish Louis Lesser, in 1990 sold Donald Trump The Taj Mahal 
Hotel and Casino in Atlantic Citv. rxxxivl Trump refers to the syndicate operative Lesser as a 
“legend”. fxxxvl After the Mahal went bankrupt, court proceedings revealed Trump’s casino was 
involved in money laundering, fxxxvil 

Newt Gingrich’s Trump lie 

Before I go on here, I should point out that it was largely the March 
2016 televised propaganda of Zionist neocon New Gingrich that led 
to the public’s false perception of Donald Trump as an 
anti-establishment outsider. On Fox News, Gingrich attempted to 
paint Trump as not belonging to the Judeo-masonic 
cryptocrac vrxxxviil. which he undoubtedly is a member, likely as a 
freemason. Gingrich’s lies were televised as part of a script to set up 
Hillary’s strawman, false opposition, which he has now proven to be 
The Gingrich stunned paved the way for the conservative-thinking 
public to be groomed for Trump to be their hero. 

Jewish casino magnate Carl Icahn 

Zionist neocon Newt Gingrich 
with Jewish yarmulke in 
apparent Kabbalist pose. 

Trump’s money laundering Taj Mahal. 

Aging casino magnate and hedge fund investor Carl 
Icahn is yet another apparent Lanksy organized crime 
syndicate operative and friend to Donald Trump. 
Icahn is tied to the kosher 9/11 truth movement 
through John Grayfxxxviiil and is connected to 
Trump associate and Mossad asset Adnan Khashoggi, 

Ramy El-Batrawi 3ramyelbatrawi • 8 Jun 2014 

I have also worked with many other 
Billionaires including @Carl_C_lcahn 
and many more 

11 of 18 

11/18/2016 1:39 PM 

Trump controlled by the Mossad - Part III Fitzpatrick Informer 

El-Batwari and Icahn. 

the Saudi billionaire. Icahn extended a $ 100-million 
line of credit to Khashoggi in his failed 
Genesislntermedia endeavour f xxxixl , likely an 
intelligence front and money laundering operation 
like many of his others. Trump has teased a bid to 

make Icahn treasury secretary should he become U.S. president. fx!! Interestinlgy, Khashoggi and 
Trump associate Ramy El-Batwari, from Part I of this series, two years ago tweeted Icahn the 
following message: “@Carl_C_Icahn “hi Carl how are you its been a long time.” 

Icahn (second from left) and El-Batwari (second from right) playing poker. El-Batwari posted this 

photo on his Twitter page on Dec. 15, 2015. 

Shortly before it’s closure on Oct. 10, 2016, Icahn tried to bail out Trump’s bankrupt, money 
laundering Taj Mahal (Mahal property was originally part of Lansky’s Resorts International front). 
Although he wasn’t able to save the resort, Icahn Enterprises gained control over Trump’s other 
banrkupt casino, the Trump Plaza Hotel and Casino, run by Trump Entertainment Resorts, Inc. Icahn 
took it over this year, two years after it’s filing for bankruptcy. 

12 of 18 

11/18/2016 1:39 PM 

Trump controlled by the Mossad - Part III Fitzpatrick Informer 

The fix. Trump and Clinton in it together. 


What I have attempted to show here is that U.S. presidential candidate Donald Trump is a sexually 
compromised and, subsequently, blackmailed stooge for the Jewish-masonic cryptocracy, specifically 
controlled by Israel’s Mossad. His public image in the race for president is fake and is designed to 
radicalize the right while pushing the left further into the arms of awaiting candidate Hillary Clinton. 
A recent Wikileaks of the Podesta files reveals that the Clinton team wanted extreme Republicans as 
the best possible opponents leading up to her election win 1 x 111 Trump has certainly achieved this, by 
saying all the things the opposition wanted to hear. Today, Trump continues to carry out the Judeo- 
Masonic agenda while providing catharsis to the alternative right, who take him at face value. 


01 Bollyn, Christopher, Ehud Barak - Architect of 9-11, September 11, 2009 - 

Oil Donald Trump Says Thousands of Muslims Cheered on 9/11 in Jersey City - 

riiil Full Donald Trump Interview With Stephanopoulos Nov.22, 2015 - 
edNmw?t= 7 mi 3 s 

Trump’s outrageous claim that ‘thousands’ of New Jersey Muslims celebrated the 9/11 attacks - 


13 of 18 

11/18/2016 1:39 PM 

Trump controlled by the Mossad - Part III Fitzpatrick Informer 


fivl Dwyer, Jim, A Definitive Debunking of Donald Trump’s 9/11 Claims, New York Times, 
November 24, 2015 - 

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December 24, 2015, American Free Press - 

rviiil Five Dancing Israelis Arrested On 9/11 - 

£M Bridis, Ted, U.S. deports Israeli spy suspects, Associated Press Online, March 5, 2002 

1 x 1 FBI files on dancing Israelis - https: / / 623 Q 4765 /Related- 

Section-6-ii387Q6-ooi-3Q3A-NK-io.g;.g;36-Section-6 purpor 

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Journal - 

Trump controlled by the Mossad - Part III Fitzpatrick Informer 


/from aipac to trump michael glassners journey 

fxvil Public documents on Larry Silverstein’s WTC lease - 
information/foi/i 2244 - 0 .pdf 

rxviil Donald Trump Is Good Friends With Larry “9/11” Silverstein - 
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the rov cohn mob and dirty dick.pdf 

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Beast online - 

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Trump controlled by the Mossad - Part III Fitzpatrick Informer 

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2013, The Fitzpatrick Informer - https: / / 4 A/o^/‘A 1 /the-gro win g- 

16 of 18 

11/18/2016 1:39 PM 

Trump controlled by the Mossad - Part III Fitzpatrick Informer 


fxxxixl Icahn to Be Paid $275,000 by Genesis, Los Angeles Times, July 4, 2001 

Ml Udland, Myles, Carl Icahn accepts Donald Trump’s offer to be Treasury secretary, Aug. 7, 2015, 
Business Insider - 

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